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Buckstrut's Fancy Face
(Eat your heart out, Rock...nyah nyah!!)
I sure do LOVE my new family!  Just look at these cool quads I get to ride with my big brothers Brady, Austin and Miller!!!  Those bells on my festive collar jinglewhen we go over the bumps!  FUN!
  Happy Holidays Everyone!!
                                   ~~Fancy Face
Here I am on my way to California!  I wonder if the passengers in first class got Innova too?  Yum!
This is me teaching my new brother, Miller, how to play
jump-rope.  He loves it!
No, Miller! SKIP the rope, not RIP the rope!  Sheesh...crazy Lab...
Can't we just tie her to a tree and take a swim with the boys, Dad? What a little pest!
I would REALLY like to teach her to swim, Dad!  Can we? Huh?!
You just WAIT until I'm a BIG girl, Miller!  You will PAY for this!
One Month Old
California Dreamin'...
before my trip out West. Yep, I'll take the sunshine,
palm trees and
swimming pool, guys!!!
A little determination...
Has One More Star