Quick Tips
•  Use   a stainless steel bowl if your DDB is a nibbler.  Whichever dish you use, choose a dish at each stage of the pup/dogue’s growth that will allow plenty of breathing space surrounding its muzzle/head as it eats.  For pups, weighted, wide-bottom heavy plastic dishes work well.

Once they are eating well and not playing with dishes, you can switch to the lightweight stainless steel bowls.  BE SURE to use STAINLESS steel and not a cheaper metal bowl which can taint food/water.
•  Stainless steel bowls are the easiest to sanitize.
•  Ceramic bowls must be sanitized daily. Replace cracked or scratched bowls immediately.
!!  You will save yourself work and trouble if you place your DDB dishes on a small bathmat/rug with or without a rubberized, non-slip back.  This will absorb spills and drool and can be washed frequently.  Small throw rugs work well too. 
!!  Don't forget to keep a small stack of terry-cloth dishtowels handy.  Once your DDB is finished eating, just wipe its muzzle as you would wipe the face/mouth of a toddler.  (Most of the water/drool ends up under the chin and down the throat).  If you are finicky about your towels, be sure you reserve a certain color to identify those you use for your DDB.  DDB do not drool unless they are drinking/chewing something (generally).
!! Do not feed or water your pup/dog outside.  The dishes will attract insects and birds which  transmit disease if they drink from the bowl; attract other vermin.
•  Make sure to wash bowls with hot soapy water.
• It is helpful to keep a second set of dishes to use while the other is being cleaned.  Buy a separate color dish brush to identify which is for your pet dishes.
•  Use a storage container to keep food fresh (and keep critters out).  If you use canned food, place unused portions in a glass or plastic container, and discard the can.  Do not store opened food in the product can in your refrigerator.  The metal can oxidize and taint the food.
!!Be SURE that your puppy/dogue does not have access to an easily opened container or feedbag which can be ripped open.  Some puppies/dogues will consume dangerous quantities of kibble/food which can lead to bloat (See separate link on eating issues).  DDB are very smart and easily learn to “pop” lids.  Always check until your pup is mature enough that you trust it alone near feed supplies.