These items MUST be avoided:

*Rhubarb is poisonous to dogs.

*Onions in even moderate amounts act as a clotting-inhibitor and can cause spontaneous bleeds.  This is one reason why you should avoid feeding table scraps, since much of what you eat is seasoned with onions or dehydrated onions/seasoning.

*Chocolate is poison for dogs. This includes white chocolate.  If you have them closely, as your dog WILL beg from them, and they WILL feed the dog candy, cookies, etc. with chocolate.

* Dogs do not break down cellulose well, so vegetables high in cellulose such as carrots and brocolli should be ground or shredded if added to their meal.

*High sugar treats are no better for dogs than for humans. Some high fat "treats" such as hamburger drippings (which has not been cooked with onion!) and chicken skin are acceptable "stir ins" for your dog's small amounts (a few tablespoonsful)

*ABSOLUTELY NO raw hides (no matter WHAT the packaging says), pigs' ears or hooves as chew toys!! They can be dangerous and cause intestinal abrasions/obstructions.  Ask your vet how many emergency surgeries are performed each year to save dogs from these obstructions...if it is not too late.

*WE give our dogs the following:  Nylabone Chew Products, especially the Dental Dinosaurs. A great Nylabone treat for your dog, specifically designed to aid the fight against periodontal disease. It massages teeth and gums and the raised dental tips will actually attack plaque and tartar build-up. Your DDB will love the taste of the nylabone as well as the benefits of healthy teeth and gums. They are also good for teething puppies.

We do not give our dogs any of the "cornstarch"
based chewables, since they are able to chew large
chunks which might choke them.  They are able to
chew off small bits of the dinos, but generally spit
them out.  Ours have enjoyed them for years with
no problems.  These are their favorite chews. 
If they get "gunky", we put them in a big bowl of
water, salt them well, and let them soak.  Then, we scrub them off with a toothbrush we reserve for this purpose, and they are ready for more "workouts".  These are long-lasting, durable chews.

*Rope chews are great, but we do not buy the colored ones unless they are from a reputable company like Nylabone or Kong.  This, because of cheap dyes used by some companies.  If you buy cheap, you get cheap.  DDB-sized toys are not cheap, unfortunately.  A money saver we have found is to buy lengths of plain bleached lead rope used for horses.  You can find this at TSC Farm Supply, or other Farm Supply stores.  Then, we tie knots along the length of the rope, and it is just as good as any knotted toy you can buy, and considerably cheaper.  These can also be thrown in the washing machine and air dryed.  Again, stay away from the bright colors (dyes).

*Kong toys are great and our dogs love the Classic Kong. 
Be sure to buy the colorful red or green ones, so that they
can be easily spotted in the grass if left somewhere by
your dog.  Kong Classic Chewers' stand up to all your
dog's chewing and helps excersize your dog's gums and
teeth. A great toy; bounces unpredictably, can be filled
with treats, and is a favorite of dogs and trainers.

* You do not need to buy gels and pastes to "stuff" your dog's toys with.
If you must resort to this, they DON'T like the toy!  Spend that money on a different toy.  Peanut butter is "a good thing" and less expensive.