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LaRue & Little Skittle Assist With Tax Preparation.
I think I will do nothing at all today (to the dogues)~then rest awhile afterwards....
An ambush in the making...
Little Skittle practices for her role in PET CEMETERY II.
Beauregard (13) has about 4.5 more lives to go.. He croons mournful, passionate ballads to all the ladies at Buckstrut.  Though recently banned from his spotlight on the balcony, his nightly soulful performances continue.  Lovesick fool.
Beauregard and Little Scat are two of the barn cats at Buckstrut.  Here, they are performing a birdcount for the DNR.  They also collect mice for research.  Scat is a dietician.
Little Scat waits patiently for momma's all too familiar screams.  She does not understand why momma is afraid of headless mice on the veranda.  They can't even run anymore...go figure!
More to Come!  Under Construction.