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dob: 05/16/02

("The Material Girl")

All she wants to do is buy toys and STUFF. Isn't she just adorable? 

We imported Berceuse at the tender age of eight weeks old.
Berceuse is the French word for a musical term meaning "Lullabye".   But we nicknamed her

We were SO afraid to fly this little girl all the way from Europe, but Berceuse made it just fine...passed her post-flight exam the following morning with "flying" colors!! 
TRAINING 101~~OKAY! Rule #1:  ALL of the toys are MINE, even yours.  But, since you are so dang cute, I will let you play with them. 
But don't forget...I AM the BOSS...
at least for now.
Well, looky here!  Berceuse smells to high heaven on her first birthday! (05/16/03) Standing next to the flowers won't help, either ...Little Miss Fancy~Schmantzy just HAD to be a copy cat and roll in that awesome dead stuff I found out in the field.  Bewitching scent indeed! It's a GUY thing, sissy! It is SO tough being a big bubba some days!
Here is Berceuse (poor lil' scaredy~cat) at her post-flight visit to our vet.
Dr. Karen gave her a big hug and an A+++ for making such a long trip with NO stress! What a big girl! That's my sissy! 
P.S.  Dr. Karen thinks I am pretty cool...of course, she has a DDB too!  Smart lady!
Here's Daddy Greg introducing Berceuse  to "Moonshine", a Tennessee Walker..  I'll make a cowgirl outta Berceuse yet, watch and see! 
Mr. Peter Muth of Chateau Rouge DDB, Canada graciously assisted at Berceuse's very first show. European Judges Bas Bosch & Guy Jevons (S.A.) gave Berceuse "VERY Promising" on her critiques!
Berceuse (5 mos.) brought home ribbons, too, just like her bubba!
Berceuse models her show towel with Greg