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(and her "Big" Beagle sissy, Gidget!)
I am SO happy with my new family here in Vegas!   Me and Gidget are modeling our new Christmas sweaters at our spa.  Gidget's got it "goin' on", even for a beagle!
Here are the partners in crime... my way cool new Daddy with my equally cool sister, Gidget. They are real pranksters, those two!
Gidget is computer saavy too! 
She surfed day after day at the office, viewing lots of DDB websites until she found just the right pup!
Gidget saw a little "goblin" that would steal  her momma's heart away.  Gidget saved the link for her Daddy. 
Did they ever SURPRISE her momma
(PS: Please do not mind the construction dust!)
And here is my new momma!  Just look at that gorgeous smile on her face...she is SO in love with me! 
Good job Gidget and Dad!
Sometimes, Gidget can't get to sleep.  She says she "messed up" when she was reading about Bordeauxs.  She did not
see the note about how
Dogues de Bordeaux SNORE very loud...and often.  It doesn't bother me.
I have no trouble sleeping.
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