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"We aint in Kansas anymore, Toto!"
"Nyah, nyah...boo-boo!!  I'm going to Vegas, and you--u are n-o-t!"
     It was so cold in Michigan the day I flew to my new home.
     This is me, my bubba Tank, and sissy Leia (a Princess) waiting inside the NW hanger for our flights. 
     Tank was being mean to me.  He said I was REALLY going to live in the DESERT!
     None of us liked all the noise at the Detroit Airport.
     We wanted to go back to our peaceful countryside. 
     But momma stayed right there with us so we would not be scared.     
     I mean, so Tank and Leia would not be scared.  I am NOT scared of anything!
See, Tank!  I DO have grass at my new  home! 
And NO tumbleweeds...
or stickers in my hair!  Wilderness! Indians!
You fibbed.
"Wish you were here!"
Princess Leia
Real Grass
Well, it IS a little more difficult to be an
"Urban Dogue".  
Gidget and I have very SPECIFIC spots where we can leave our pee-mail! 
The pool is not one of them.  YIPES!
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