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Here are a few pictures of ME, the awesome TATER!
My Music Choice: Southern Rock/"Sharp Dressed Man"
JUST SHOW ME!!! If your human does not have the nerve to show YOU, tell them to look at this page.  MY momma had no idea what she was doing at our first show and made a real fool out of me until the second day...I  FINALLY helped her get the hang of it.  Actually, we showed in Canada with the RBCSWO (Rare Breed Club  of Southwest Ontario...just the best folks, who REALLY showed momma the ropes.  But tell your human there is a GREAT primer at bookstores called "Show Me" by D. Caroline Coile.  Momma highly recommends it!  You can also find many shows to attend at your local UKC Club.  I love to travel, meet new folks (and their dogues...um, other rare chicks too) and just have a busy, exciting weekend! Since DDBs are a rare breed, shows are a great way to see more of us and learn what is important to US...like treats, toys, training tips, health tips, upcoming shows, etc.
Me, Momma and FCI Judge Guy Jevons handing me the RESERVE (2nd Place) ribbon at the DDBS Specialty/RBSCWO Sunday Show in Toronto, Canada October 2002.  I received an "EXCELLENT" rating on my critiques from both Judge Jevons and Bas Bosch!  It was a GREATER TATER moment!
I was proud to show my baby sister, BERCEUSE (aka MISS USA) how all of this is done.
From tiny acorns mighty oaks grow... Here I am as just a little Tater tot watching the Georgia Bulldogs whoop up on the Florida Gators!  Go DAWGS!!!!!
This is me as a Tater tot giving Momma a hard time at the Paris, Canada Show.  Sometime, I am just more interested in the jeune fils!  But I DO love those ribbons, too...won FIRST PLACE in the Puppy Sweeps when I was only three months old!  Ta Da!!!
I just HATE formal occasions ~Thanksgiving 2001.  What a sucky designer scarf!
Me as an innocent "teen".  Just left pee-mail on Momma's irises...uh oh....